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february '23 cohort

join the FEBRUARY '23 cohort

This program is for the Social Media Manager who...

Feels like finding and pitching clients is intimidating, but knows they need to jump that hurdle.

Is struggling with being SO busy that they’re feeling overwhelmed & disorganized.

Is passionate about HAVING THEIR OWN BUSINESS, but isn’t sure HOW TO START OR what to charge.

You want to address your client's unique needs with services that offer custom packages utilizing a done-for-you formula that calculates overhead, income tax AND your profitable hourly rate.

Confidently raising your rates would be a dream come true (and creating a 3-tier offer suite that picks all the money up off the table by appealing to your clients’ unique budget is an added bonus!)

Selling doesn't have to feel skeezy and uncomfortable when you're attracting the right clients and are positioned to serve them. You want to know exactly where to look and how to connect with them so that you can bring them into your lead nurturing phase.

Making booking discovery calls easy
, rather than pulling teeth sounds amazing. (And knowing what to say on the call and how to handle those tough questions would be an added bonus!)

You’re spending all your time on day-to-day tasks and need systems and automation in place to free up your time. You know that as you grow, you'll want to start outsourcing and/or creating passive income so that you can successfully scale your SMM business without having to work 60 hour weeks.

Working smarter, not harder and for less of your time
is your ultimate goal.

I'm Shanté, the Founder & CEO of a 6-Figure Social Media Marketing Agency

I help savvy social media managers build & grow their dream businesses so that they can have consistent income, work with their dream clients and scale without experiencing entreprenurial burnout.

I have a BA in Advertising and over 13 years of experience in marketing and sales.

After two years of being full-time in my social media management business, my agency hit 6-figures because I had profitable systems & strategies in place.

I remember struggling with knowing where to start, what to charge and where to even find businesses that wanted to hire a social media manager. Having a full-roster of clients was a far-fetched dream.

I spent tons of time and energy on failed sales calls, unsuccessfully cold pitching in the DMs (we’ve all been there!) and underpricing myself so that when I did get a client, I was overworked and burned out to the point that I was ready to just quit.

Since then, I've learned a thing or two. Now, I only work with dream clients doing what I love, charge prices that work for me, and outsource the day-to-day tasks to my team so that I can focus on what matters most to me: being a marketing pro by day and a mom of two by night.

And I'm so excited you're here!

You deserve to stop struggling to find clients.

You shouldn't have to be confused about what to charge OR HOW TO GROW.

and you definitely don't have to keep STAYING UP LATE TO GET EVERYTHING DONE.

I'm sharing with you what I learned, so that together, we can build a SMM business That Works For you.

just like them:


"I have onboarded several new clients and have several in the works!"

"My biggest win since joining SMMSI was the technical recommendations, getting my head in the game to get organized and get with it! This program helped me get out of my way! lol I finally announced to the world that I was doing this...the psychological aspect about this was so KEY."


"SMMSI is such a successful program, I’ve gotten my mindset aligned to see wins in my business and also received so much knowledge to help align my business for growth while onboarding clients."

bolade a.

"When I wanted to quit or doubted myself Shanté and my fellow cohort members would not let me! I can always go back to our sessions when I need a reminder also. Between our weekly calls, the monthly alumni calls, and our chat I definitely felt and still feel welcomed, safe, and supported."

amanda b.

Whether you're just starting out or a few years in, SMMSI will help you build your business profitably & sustainably - whatever you decide that looks like.

It's time to Increase Your Profit


If any of these sound like you
let me introduce you to...

Which one sounds like you?


You're completely booked out — or even over booked — and you have a to-do list a mile long. You're needing to maximize your time and increase your profit by hiring on some help, automating repetitive tasks, and raising your prices.

figuring it out fiona

You're steadily growing, but you're starting to feel busy and overwhelmed. You're ready to increase your profit without cutting into your free time by getting organized and implementing clearer systems & strategies.


You're brand new to being a social media manager and either don't have any clients yet, or just a couple. You're wanting to book more clients and carve out a space for yourself within the industry.

A 6-week group coaching program to catapult you toward a successful Social Media Management business.

Week 1 – Profitable Packages + Pricing

Week 1 

We start by breaking down your current packages and building them back up to be both profitable and attractive to clients. Together, we’ll be utilizing systems and strategies that do the heavy lifting for you so that you can be clear and confident in your pricing, while getting paid what you deserve. 

Homework + Resources: Pricing Package Calculator + Rate Increase Plan + Done-for-you Canva Case Study Templates

– How to discover your hourly rate and leverage it to easily build customizable packages.
– Pricing psychology & secret menu's so you can pick all the money up off the table.

trainings included:

– Crafting smart marketing proposals & case studies that establish you as the standout SMM.
– How and when to increase your rates

Live 60 min. training + Q&A

Week 2 – Client Attraction + Lead Nurturing

Week 2

We’re covering the strategies you can utilize to find your ideal clients, connect with them and then nurture the relationship so that they turn into a warm lead along with Facebook group scripts, Instagram story formulas and how to host a free workshop or masterclass.

Homework + Resources: Client Attraction Post Templates + Mini-Training Formulas

– Where to find & connect with your ideal clients on social media.
– Proving your expertise by providing top-notch value through trainings, workshops and social proof.

trainings included:

Live 60 min. training + Q&A

Week 3 – Leading & Closing Discovery Calls


Learn exactly what to say and how to say it without feeling like you’re a pushy car salesman and instead, come from a place of integrity with non-skeezy, ethical selling. We start the training off by discussing how to invite a warm lead to a discovery call without making them feel pressured. Followed by a script for how to pitch to the warm lead - whether that is on the discovery call itself OR in the DMs. Lastly, you’ll learn what the most common objections are, what they mean and what to say to answer those questions confidently.

– Discovery call format that has you in control and leading the call.
– How and when to follow up with leads post-discovery call (+ what to say.)
– Consistently closing leads.
– Red, yellow and green client flags so you can spot a dream client and a problem client before you agree to work together.

trainings included:

Homework + Resources: Perfect Pitch Script + Objection Handling Guidebook

Live 60 min. training + Q&A

Week 4 – Delivering a 5-Star Client Experience

Week 4

Creating an on-brand, white-glove client experience is essential to keeping happy retainer clients - from onboarding to getting referrals. We’re diving into how to deliver a stellar management experience that will have your clients raving about you to their friends and colleagues.

– Learn the streamlined workflow to onboarding a new client including contracts, invoicing, questionnaires and more.
– Handling client communications and establishing healthy boundaries so that you stay in control of your time and energy.
– Delivering results and reports efficiently.
– How to encourage & ask for referrals from your happy clients.

trainings included:

Homework + Resources: Client Onboarding Workflow + Monthly Results Report Template

Live 60 min. training + Q&A

Week 5 – Outsourcing + Scaling

Week 5 

Now that you have your systems and strategies in place, it’s time to look at your next steps - outsourcing and/or building a team!

– What to do to set yourself up for scaling successfully.
– How to outsource and/or grow your team.
– When to delve into additional income opportunities like courses, guest trainings, templates and more.

trainings included:

Homework + Resources: Outsourcing Goals Workbook + Email Script to Send to Clients When Your Team is Growing

Live 60 min. training + Q&A

Week 6 – Wrap Up Call: Hotseat Coaching + Q&A

Week 6 

By popular request, we’ve added one last call to wrap up our group program that provides you with additional support, personal hot-seat coaching and opens up the conversation to allow for additional Q&A’s, in the moment trainings by request and Cohort collaboration.

Live 90 min. Group Call Q&A

Sounds like everything you need, right?

Now to dish on the details...

normally $2.537

Each week, we'll have a 90 minute video call where Shanté will teach the lesson and then open up a Q&A. We're on a no-SMM-left-behind mission, each and every question will be answered.

live trainings + q&a's

You'll be part of an inclusive community guided by Shanté made up of your Incubator Mentee BFFs (of past and present cohorts) to bounce ideas, ask questions, vent, celebrate and network with.

community support

immediate resources

Receive continued support even after the 6-week curriculum ends with the continued community chat and monthly live Q&A group calls with Shanté so that you can still be supported as your business grows.

Shanté brings on special guests for specific continuing education trainings as well. Past guest trainings are available to watch at any time inside the private community and include:

Bookkeeping for the Self-Employed with Sara Barrios
Everything that you need to know to keep the IRS happy as a self-employed business owner in the US including: the proper way to track and accept payments, self-employment tax + quarterly tax payments, form W-9's, 1099's, business expenses/deducations and common confusing deductions.

Overcoming Objections - Advanced Sales Training with Candice D'Angelo
How to confidently overcome objections and control the conversation without sounding sleazy or salesy.


normally $4,477

All resources, spreadsheets and workbooks that you'll need throughout the program are included - in addition to Shanté reviewing them with you and offering personalized feedback.



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FLEX extended payment plan

12 Payments Of


All of this for: $7,014

It's Time to Build Your Profitable Social Media Management Business.


It's Time to Build Your Profitable Social Media Management Business.


★ best value ★

FLEX extended payment plan

12 Payments Of


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EXTRA extended payment plan

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payment plan

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All of this for:

👀 sneak peek of the spreadsheets + templates you'll recieve in smmsi



profitable package pricing calculator

With this spreadsheet, you'll be able to calculate your standard hourly rate - based on your personal expenses and desired work hours. It'll plug that into your package pricing sheet to help you quickly create custom retainer packages for your clients (plus add on a buffer for income tax) so that you can know exactly how much of this package will be in your pocket at the end of the day. And lastly, if you're thinking about increasing your pricing, there's a formula that shows you exactly how much and when to do it.


Done-for-you templates complete with a selection of 100 hand-crafted wording examples so that you can easily pull together your case studies without having to worry about design or copy. There are 3 designs to choose from, 6 layout options, and a PDF walkthrough guide + video tutorial so that you can easily customize to fit your unique brand and area of expertise.

systems for onboarding clients & team members

I take you behind the scenes and walk you step by step through how I onboard a client, the systems I use, the client content reviewal process, and how I onboard a new team member (plus all the sytems and automations we use.)


And there's even more inside the private SMMSI Community...

Done-For-You Resources For Every Step of Your SMM Business Journey

whether you're booking clients, growing a team, or scaling with automations - you have my tried & tested personal resources to implement whenever you need them

this is my love language - i'm in!

this is my love language - i'm in!

"As I started to work with more clients, I wanted to make sure I was providing the best experience for them from the minute I onboard them to the minute I offboard them. Even though I've been in business for about two years, I just felt like I didn't have a good system down.

Definitely recommend because now I have Shanté's whole method and I can literally just plug and go. It's made it easier for me to work on my business versus in my business.

I wish this program was around when I was just starting out. It would have made things so much easier!"


join a community of empowered social media managers

If you want the freedom that comes with a Sustainable social media management business I have good news for you:

Speaking from experience, I know that you can:

– Have packages that are both profitable and attractive for clients.

– Become comfortable on discovery calls so that pitching & selling to leads is easy.

Feel confident that you have what it takes to create the life and business that you want.

– Create a client experience that stands out and attracts a waitlist of people eager to work with you.

Outsource and scale in a way that works for you.

Serve the people you are meant to serve and make an excellent living doing it.

sounds amazing, i'm in!

You CAN create this too. It's easier than you think. 

sounds amazing, i'm in!


"Every meeting we had just surpassed every expectation."

"I decided to join because I really needed to streamline my processes. Just to get my onboarding process where it needed to be.

I just want to say every meeting we had just surpassed every expectation. We went into so much detail inyo every system, every process, client acquisition. I cannot even tell you. So, if you're on the fence of joining, don't [be] - you will not regret it."


How long do I have access to the trainings?

You will have access to your cohort's trainings for as long as the program exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

When are the weekly calls?

We decide on the weekly call schedule collectively. When you join, you'll have a questionnaire in your welcome packet that has you list your availability. Based on these questionnaires, we will find the most common day and time that the majority of the cohort is available to attend. All calls are recorded and will be uploaded to the video library within a matter of hours.

What will happen once I apply for a seat in the incubator program?

Upon purchase you will be emailed login access from Teachable to your Social Media Success Incubator dashboard. This will host links to the weekly calls, information on how to join the SMMSI community private Facebook group and where the training call replays will be uploaded.

When does it start?

The sixth cohort for the Social Media Manager Success Incubator will begin running the first of week of February 2023. 

Will I get 1:1 access to Shanté?

While you will have access to Shanté within the weekly group calls and via the SMMSI community private group, if you want an additional 60 minute 1:1 call with Shanté at the conclusion of the prorgram, you can chat with her about her private mentorship availability.

Do I need experience before starting the Incubator?

You can be a brand new social media manager or have been around for a while. This program will take you from where you are and streamline your processes so that you can grow your dream business successfully. Note: this program does not teach the processes of social media management itself.

Is there a guarantee?

Sure is! Going all in on building your social media management business can be scary - I remember the first time I pitched a client without having a clue what to charge them. It’s intimidating. This is why I’m going to come alongside you every step of the way.

How? By leaping alongside of you and showing you exactly how to streamline your systems and set yourself up for profitable success.

I am so confident that my proven systems & strategies will lead to your success that I make you this guarantee:

If you don’t find this program helpful within 14 days, email me and I’ll send you a full refund.

I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

There's a no-SMM-left-behind mission and I want you to have full confidence that the Incubator will help you build your business - and I want you to have confidence in yourself that you have what it takes to get there.

Vannessa r.

"If you're watching this because you're on the fence..."

"Let me tell you, it has been life-changing for me - and I do mean life-changing because I was ready to throw in the towel. I was done. I couldn't figure out what I was doing. I felt like I was in an uphill battle. I had bought so many other courses... that I haven't finished.

With the Incubator, the big difference was accountability. Shanté is there to cheer you on every step of the way, to guide you if you have questions. It has been this incredible resource of somebody who's there to really see you succeed."

"I love your candor and straight forward recommendations / ideas / suggestions /solutions. That's absolutely needed~ One of the best features of this program is that you are grounded, have a family and share your experiences and don't hold back."

"I felt there was a space for everyone which is crucial in a time where ageism in this industry is well and thriving. Thank you for creating a space for everyone!"

"Worth the price and more. I especially like the delivery of content, it was nice that it was dripped weekly so that the topic could grow throughout the week.

As well as seeing it for the first time as a group and being able to ask questions in real time as well as learning from the questions others had.

I would recommend to anyone, specifically those getting started, or in their first year who need fundamental support."

When it came to my SMM business, overall I felt lost. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information available and course overload. Nothing was working because I was trying to do a little bit of everything!

I had no solid idea on pricing, discovery calls, onboarding, objections. So my struggles were, what I thought were all the foundational elements of building my SMM business. My biggest win.

The first thing that jumps out is learning from others in the group. The range of skills and professional experience brought on new and different perspectives that cannot be taught.

Having a case study/ proposal that I can confidently present to potential clients is another big win. 

Getting a better handle on pricing was also very helpful.

The downloadable resources have been a game changer for me since I am more visual when it comes to retention.

The support from the group going into posting more in my personal instagram account as well as being challenged to spread the word about the service I provide has been THE BIGGEST take away.

I was able to overcome that because of the support from the group.

I LOVE having the group chat, it created a wonderful sense of community that I will forever be thankful for!

Ready to build A Successful SMM business Together?

let's do this!

i'm so ready!

Ready to build A Successful SMM business Together?

i'm so ready!

let's do this!