At Sugarpunch Marketing®, our done-for-you content marketing services are specifically designed to empower individuals from historically underrepresented communities to pursue their passions fearlessly.

We are dedicated to harnessing the full potential of content marketing on your behalf to create lasting, positive impacts in your communities and beyond.



Organic & Paid Social media

We combine organic and paid social media strategies to authentically reflect your unique voice, engage your audience, and boost visibility, using smart targeting with ads and platform-optimized content.

Email Marketing

Whether you have an existing email list or are starting from scratch, we tailor our approach to your unique needs. Our aim is to craft emails that not only make you stand out in the inbox but also deliver content your audience eagerly anticipates.

Blogging Services

Our blog posts reinforce your status as an industry leader by drawing in more eyes through strategic SEO optimization. Each piece is strategically tailored to climb the ranks in organic search results—driving more traffic your way—so that you can be seen as the go-to person for your audience.

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Hey, I’m Shanté (yes, "hey" and Shanté rhyme 😘), the founder of Sugarpunch Marketing®. As a third-gen²*, I’ve spent over 15 years in the marketing world, helping businesses grow and thrive. I started this journey in 2018 as a single mom with a passion for social media, and today, Sugarpunch is a multi-six-figure agency that’s boosted the reach and revenue of thousands of entrepreneurs.

I'm passionate about more than just business success; I love mentoring and providing accessible classes and resources to help up-and-coming social media managers. My work has earned industry-wide recognition, including partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe, and Dubsado. I've been featured on award-winning podcasts and platforms like Later. In 2024, my podcast, 'Social Media Manager Confidential,' was named one of the best in social media marketing, and I was honored as a Top Marketer by Alt Marketing School.

When I’m not in work mode, you can find me enjoying vanilla chai lattes, frosted donuts with all the sprinkles, and binge-watching Korean dramas on Netflix. I live in a cozy rural town outside Chicago with my husband and two kiddos.

At Sugarpunch Marketing®, we’re dedicated to helping Thought-Leaders amplify their voice and make a meaningful impact. Let’s change the future together!


*Third-generation entrepreneur and third-generation immigrant

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Our three-phase approach seamlessly transitions your thought leadership from planning to execution, ensuring every piece of content amplifies your distinct voice.


We'll be exploring every detail about your audience, business, and goals so that we can design a strategy that’s custom-tailored to effectively amplify your unique voice.

We create sample content pieces based on our strategy, refining them with your feedback to ensure authenticity and quality. This collaborative phase includes building a content library and finalizing a detailed Content Playbook™.

With just two 30-minute content interviews each month, we capture your latest insights and expertise. This enables us to continuously create strategic content that increases your visibility and impact without demanding more of your valuable time. 

Phase 1: Strategy Build


Phase 2: Content Pilot


Phase 3: Ongoing Momentum

Stay focused on your business expertise, and we'll handle the rest!

Experience the innovation in content marketing with The Sugarpunch System™—where your voice is authentically amplified, and your impact is profound.

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Our approach is data-driven and adaptable, keeping your strategy fresh and effective as trends evolve.

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mentorship ✧ mentorship ✧ mentorship 

Sugarpunch Community

Join a vibrant, 100% free community where social media managers support each other, grow their businesses, and access exclusive resources like comprehensive guides on dealing with difficult clients, overcoming overwhelm, and getting started in social media management. Be added to our SMM Directory, and engage in the active SMM Chat to ask questions, share experiences, and find referrals.

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Template Shop

Done-for-you Canva, ClickUp, and Google Spreadsheet templates for Social Media Managers & Digital Marketers so that you can seamlessly plug-n-play and have a professional business (without losing any more sleep.)

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SMM Confidential Podcast

Join Shanté and her guests as they share the ins and outs of the industry with no gatekeeping. You’ll learn, laugh, and leave each episode inspired. Over 60k downloads, this is your go-to resource for thriving in the social media world.

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Explore our resources, gain valuable insights, and get inspired to take your content marketing strategy to the next level with our expert insights, comprehensive how-to guides, best practices, and thought leadership.

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