Mastering Marketing Strategies that Sell On Social Media for Your Clients

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Marketing & Content Strategies That Every Social Media Manager Needs To Know

With everyone flocking to offer social media management services, you'd love to be able to set yourself apart by being able to create a social media marketing strategy for your clients that isn't just powerful, but it actually gets them results.

Plus, having clients gush about how impressed they are with the work you’ve been doing and how well your data-driven, market-researched strategies have been performing would be a huge confidence boost.

When your client strategies are backed by psychology and marketing principles that every brand from Target to Netflix to Rihanna use, you can be confident that you're able to get your clients actual results with no-fluff strategies.

Create Social Media Marketing Strategies That Actually Get Results

If You're Here, It Means...

Your current strategies are falling flat, and you have no idea why.

You're tired of trying different hacks and trends the social media gurus are telling you to try, and just want to find a reliable system that digs deep into the "why" and "how-to's."

You're a social media manager that wants to go that extra mile for your clients beyond posting, engaging, and scheduling (we're moving up to strategist $$$$!)

It's Time To Master Marketing Strategies And Become An Experienced Social Media Manager

  • Create a social media marketing strategy that actually gets results for your clients, no matter what industry they're in or their account size.
  • Select goals and KPIs... AND how to use them for each of your clients.
  • Actually get inside the thought process of your client's target audience so that you can create more powerful strategies that speak directly to them.
  • Do competitive research and analysis so that you can help your client stand out in their industry.
  • Audit a social media account (whether it's your client's or a competitor's) so that you can see what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are.
  • Create a content strategy that actually sells leveraging buyer psychology and social media audience behaviors.
  • Build a strategic content calendar that makes sense to both you and your clients.
  • Keep up with best practices for the biggest social media platforms without having to spend hours and hours learning every week.

You Want To Know How To...

let me introduce you to...

Marketing Quickstarter

High-quality social media marketing strategies for high-quality client results

Inside This Class:

Setting Goals and Selecting KPIs For Each Client

Every successful marketing strategy starts by answering this question, "What, specifically, are we trying to accomplish?" Discover which goals to realistically set for your clients, and how to select which metrics to serve as KPIs that are uniquely dependent on your client's industry and needs.

Gather Audience Data & Competitor Research For High-Quality Messaging

Get inside the thought process of your client's target audience so that you can discover exactly what your messaging should be in a way that sets your client apart from their competition by diving deep into pyschology, the hero's journey, storytelling, creating customer personas, and seeing real life examples of each.

Applying Advanced Content Strategies To Your Content Calendar

Audit your client's account to determine what is and isn't working, and then use this to make data-driven decisions that will improve your content strategies. Discover what type of content is proven to get the most engagement (and see examples of each), learn how to apply a traditional marketing funnel into your content pillars/buckets/themes, utilize the 4 buyer personalities, and create a content calendar that speaks directly to your client's target audience, every time. 

Sounds like everything you need, right?

When you join, you get immediate access to all of the above AND:

Marketing Strategy Roadmap for Social Media Managers

A quick reference sheet so that you know the exact roadmap to follow when creating a new marketing strategy for your clients including goals, KPIs, audience, competitors, audits, and more.

Step-by-Step Content Calendar Creation for the Organized Social Media Manager

Use this 10 step checklist during your content creation phase to keep yourself organized and speed up your creative process.

Content Strategy Presentation Template

Present your content strategy via a polished, professional Canva presentation that will impress even the most skeptical of clients. With 3 different design styles that can be 100% customized, you'll be able to walk your client through the strategy in a way that's easy to follow and prove that you've thought through every essential piece of their strategy.

Social Media Account Audit Template

Audit any social media account with this presentation template that highlights each section of the social media platform, identifies strengths and opportunities, and provides suggested objectives for moving forward.

Plus Get The Benefits of Being a Social Media Manager Incubator Mentee:

  • Personalized Feedback from Shanté for feedback sessions and weekly live office hours.
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive SMMI Mentee Hub, a private community guided by Shanté made up of your Incubator Mentee BFFs (of past and present cohorts) to bounce ideas, ask questions, vent, celebrate and network with.
  • Continued support through live challenges and expansion trainings where Shanté has brought in guest experts to help you grow your business, from professional bookkeepers to advanced sales pros to conversion copywriters.

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2 payments of $98.50
3 payments of $65.67

All of this for:

It's Time To Master Marketing Strategies that Sell On Social Media

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If You Want To Create Better Content Strategies, I Have Good News For You:

  • Feel confident that your content strategies for your clients will actually work because they're based on data and psychology.
  • Create strategies that don't rely on trends or hacks so that your client results are impactful AND sustainable.
  • Have clients that trust you as the social media expert because they'll see just how deeply researched your strategies are.

It's easier than you think! I know that you can:

Ready to Become An Experienced Social Media Manager?