Analyzing Insights & KPI's for Data-Driven Client Reports

The Metrics Masterclass 

I'm Sharing With You Everything I Know About Understanding & Using Social Media Insights

If You're Here, It Means...

You want someone to break insights down in a simple, and easy-to-follow way so that you can provide high-quality social media management services.

You'd love to be able to provide detailed results reports that your clients gush over.

You have no idea how to answer your client's questions about why their post performance is the way that it is.

Prove Your Value (Without Sales) By Sending Impressive Client Results Reports Focused on Insights and KPIs

  • Read your client's social media insights and know exactly what they mean.
  • Select metrics to use as your client's key performance indicators.
  • Know if your clients insights are good or bad - and how to communicate that to them effectively.
  • Understand how to create 90 day objectives so that your clients have a reference for their return on investment that isn't sales or leads related.
  • Use your client's data to make data-driven decisions that will improve your strategies and their bottom line.
  • Use Shanté's favorite reporting tools & report workflow that her agency clients absolutely LOVE - without any meetings.

If you're reading this, it's because you want to...

let me introduce you to...

The Metrics Masterclass

Understand Your Clients Social Media Insights For Better Results

Inside This Class:

What The Metrics Mean

Recognize and understand what each social media metric means, and how it relates to how your client's audience behavior. Shanté shares how to calculate metrics that are not offered through the app, such as engagement, amplification, and virality rates. You'll also be able to determine conversion rates in relation to video views, clicks, and follower growth.

Selecting Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks For Each Client

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you use to measure your clients results will depend on their goals. You'll be able to quickly determine which KPIs you should use for your clients, and know how they rank against their competitors using industry benchmarks.

Detailed Social Media Management Reports

See the behind-the-scenes of what long-term client growth looks like, know when to expect a dip in performance, and communicate account performance to clients efficiently using Shanté's streamline workflow. You'll be able to make data-driven decisions to audit your client's content so that you know what attributed to their insights, whether it's visual, copy, hook, concept, or creative.

Sounds like everything you need, right?

When you join, you get immediate access to all of the above AND:

The Social Media Manager's KPI Cheatsheet

Easily discover which metrics you should be tracking based on the goals you've set for your clients with this handy cheatsheet.

Social Media Management Results Report Canva Template

A highly requested program favorite! Select from 3 pre-designed brands and create a custom presentation that communicates your client's KPIs, insights, objectives, and proposed updates alongside screenshots and branded charts.

30, 60, and 90 Day Objective Calculator for Social Media Managers

A plug-n-play calculator to help you determine what you should set your client's objectives for with a specific timeline, whether they already know what target they want to reach or are open to your suggestions.

Plus Get The Benefits of Being a Social Media Manager Incubator Mentee:

  • Personalized Feedback from Shanté for feedback sessions and weekly live office hours.
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive SMMI Mentee Hub, a private community guided by Shanté made up of your Incubator Mentee BFFs (of past and present cohorts) to bounce ideas, ask questions, vent, celebrate and network with.
  • Continued support through live challenges and expansion trainings where Shanté has brought in guest experts to help you grow your business, from professional bookkeepers to advanced sales pros to conversion copywriters.

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All of this for:

It's Time To Stop Avoiding Your Client's Insights And Start Using Them For Better Results Instead

shouldn't the classes be priced a lot higher? does this mean they're basic?

The classes used to be sold together in a $1,997 6-week program – but even with extended payment plans it didn't make the program as accessible as Shanté had wanted. In an effort to be able to serve even more up and coming social media managers, the program was split into individual classes.

She spent an entire summer building new curriculum, trainings, and resources to each class so that they work as fully stand-alone classes. Not only are the classes now priced more accessibly, they're also offered in multiple payment plan options along with 3rd party payment plan companies like Klarna, AfterPay, and PayPal.

With all of the updates and the ongoing weekly feedback and live sessions, if the program were sold in a package at the market rate, it would be a $5,000 program.


when do the classes start?

The classes are always enrolling - which means you can join and start watching the pre-recorded classes right away!

Are there weekly calls I need to attend?

They're optional! Shanté provides feedback 3 different ways - either inside the course comments, during weekly feedback sessions, or during her weekly office hours (zoom call style!)

What will happen once I enroll?

You’ll be given access the full class curriculum, plus get added to the exclusive SMMI Mentee Hub (the mentee community) so you can  bounce ideas, ask questions, vent, celebrate and network with outside of class.

What is the Social Media Manager Incubator Program Suite?

The Social Media Manager Incubator Program Suite consists of a full suite of classes that has a unique focus based on what you want to accomplish as a social media manager - think of it as a catalog of courses you can choose from!

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If You Want To Be Able To Answer Your Clients Insights Questions, I Have Good News For You:

  • Know exactly what each insight means so that you can confidently answer all of your client's questions.
  • Save time by sending detailed monthly reports to clients without any meetings.
  • No longer have to question whether what you're doing is working, because you'll have the data to prove it.

It's easier than you think! I know that you can:

Ready To Master Social Media Metrics?