How To Get Paid What You Deserve & Set Prices As A Profitable Social Media Manager

Creating Social Media Management Packages that Sell 

Know Exactly What To Charge & What To Include In Your Social Media Management Packages

You're passionate about being a social media manager, but you aren't sure what to charge or how to build a package that people will want to buy.

You want to be able to address your client's unique needs with services that offer custom packages, while utilizing a done-for-you formula that calculates overhead, income tax AND your profitable hourly rate. (Plus, you'll pick all the money up off the table by appealing to your clients’ unique budget with your 3-tier offer suite and secret menu!)

I'm Sharing With You My Exact System To Stop Under Charging & Start Running A Profitable Social Media Management Business

If You're Here, It Means...

You want to know how to make as much money as possible by utilizing tiered offers, secret menus, and contract lengths.

You're ready to have all the hard work done for you, with simple plug-n-play spreadsheets and formulas so that you don't have to do any math.

You want transparent, realistic guidance on how to build a package that sells and how to price it fairly based on your unique experience and needs.

It's Time To Stop Pricing Based On Your Gut, And Start Pricing Your Services Based on Actual Data

  • What to consider when setting your prices (and what most new social media managers get wrong with their pricing)
  • What the average prices are based on skill set and years of experience
  • How to build a package that sells, and use tiered offers and secret menus to pick up all the money off the table
  • How long should your contracts be for
  • And what Shanté recommends for starter packages and pricing

You Want the Inside Scoop On...

let me introduce you to...

Creating Social Media Management Packages that Sell

Know Exactly What To Charge & What To Include In Your Social Media Management Packages

Inside This Class:

The Differences Between a Profitable & Non-Profitable Package

We start by breaking down your current packages and building them back up to be both profitable and attractive to clients. You'll be utilizing systems and strategies that do the heavy lifting for you so that you can be clear and confident in your pricing, while getting paid what you deserve. 

Building A Package That Sells

The prices you charge should be based on several personal factors like your desired income, expenses, and taxes - and what your client's goals are! With the plug-n-play calculator, you'll be able to calculate your standard hourly rate so that you can leverage it to easily build customizable packages. You'll also learn pricing psychology and how you should be presenting your packages to your clients so that they sell themselves.

Secret Menu's & Tiered Offers

Pick all the money off the table by having secret menu's and tiered offers that appeal to a wider range of clients so that you can increase your income, without having to double your workload. Shanté shares examples and best practices so that you can start making a profit right away.

Sounds like everything you need, right?

When you join, you get immediate access to all of the above AND:

Profitable Pricing Calculator

When most self-employed social media managers sit down to the math, they realize that they're charging so little that they end up making less than minimum wage. Not only will this calculator do the heavy-lifting for you, but it will tell you exactly what you should be charging for your monthly retainer packages (or one-off services.)

Common SMM Expenses List

Knowing the common expenses that most social media managers pay to operate their business is really helpful - especially when factoring them into your rates for maximum profitability! Shanté shares a list of common expenses from tools and software to insurance and taxes and more.

Pricing & Package Menu

Presenting your packages in a way that is attractive to clients and clearly communicates the necessity of your services is part of providing an elevated client experience. When a potential client asks for information on your packages and pricing, you'll be able to send them your Pricing & Package Menu that will have them wanting to discuss details.

Pricing & Package Copy Scripts

Potential clients want to know what they're getting out of the package exactly and why it will benefit them. This pre-written, proven copy goes far beyond listing the deliverables of the quantity of posts and number of platforms you're providing, and focuses on what your clients really want to know. These copy scripts have 3 different style scripts for each service description that you can copy/paste (formal, friendly, and punchy), or use as a base to make your own revisions to.

Plus Get The Benefits of Being a Social Media Manager Incubator Mentee:

  • Personalized Feedback from Shanté for feedback sessions and weekly live office hours.
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive SMMI Mentee Hub, a private community guided by Shanté made up of your Incubator Mentee BFFs (of past and present cohorts) to bounce ideas, ask questions, vent, celebrate and network with.
  • Continued support through live challenges and expansion trainings where Shanté has brought in guest experts to help you grow your business, from professional bookkeepers to advanced sales pros to conversion copywriters.

what my mentees are saying...

1 payment of $97
2 payments of $48.50

All of this for:

It's Time To Offer Social Media Management Packages That Sell Themselves

shouldn't the classes be priced a lot higher? does this mean they're basic?

The classes used to be sold together in a $1,997 6-week program – but even with extended payment plans it didn't make the program as accessible as Shanté had wanted. In an effort to be able to serve even more up and coming social media managers, the program was split into individual classes.

She spent an entire summer building new curriculum, trainings, and resources to each class so that they work as fully stand-alone classes. Not only are the classes now priced more accessibly, they're also offered in multiple payment plan options along with 3rd party payment plan companies like Klarna, AfterPay, and PayPal.

With all of the updates and the ongoing weekly feedback and live sessions, if the program were sold in a package at the market rate, it would be a $5,000 program.


when do the classes start?

The classes are always enrolling - which means you can join and start watching the pre-recorded classes right away!

Are there weekly calls I need to attend?

They're optional! Shanté provides feedback 3 different ways - either inside the course comments, during weekly feedback sessions, or during her weekly office hours (zoom call style!)

What will happen once I enroll?

You’ll be given access the full class curriculum, plus get added to the exclusive SMMI Mentee Hub (the mentee community) so you can  bounce ideas, ask questions, vent, celebrate and network with outside of class.

What is the Social Media Manager Incubator Program Suite?

The Social Media Manager Incubator Program Suite consists of a full suite of classes that has a unique focus based on what you want to accomplish as a social media manager - think of it as a catalog of courses you can choose from!

If You Want Done-For-You Packages & Pricing, I Have Good News For You:

  • Feel confident that what you're charging is a fair rate for both you and your clients.
  • Save yourself time by using plug-n-play and copy/paste resources to build custom packages for your potential clients.
  • Know that you're setting yourself up for success with a sustainable and profitable pricing system that won't have you overworked and burned out.

I've done the hard work for you! I know that you can:

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Ready To Create Social Media Management Packages That Sell?