Social Media Management Profitable Pricing Calculator


Automated pricing calculator for your Social Media Management services! With this spreadsheet, you'll be able to calculate your standard hourly rate so that you know exactly what you should charge your clients for your packages.

What You Get:

  • Plug-n-play calculator where you enter your personal expenses and desired weekly working hours.
  • Custom package builder so that you can can itemize each service based on how much time you spend performing each.
  • Know exactly how much your built-in buffer should be to cover your extra costs like software and income tax.
  • See your net profit (what's staying in your pocket) and what your total package price should be at the same time.
You need this calculator if...

  • You have no idea what you should be charging, so you look at other people’s pricing and go with that... which doesn't account for your personal expenses or tax situation.
  • You're not sure how long you spend on each client's service, or how that factors into your package pricing.
  • When a client asks you for something custom you’re put on the spot and pull a number out of thin air (and end up severely undercharging.)
  • You're paying out of pocket for software and other expenses.

When most self-employed social media managers sit down to the math, they realize that they're charging so little that they end up making less than minimum wage. Not only will this calculator do the heavy-lifting for you, but it will tell you exactly what you should be charging for your monthly retainer packages (or one-off services.)

This calculator makes it easy to know how to setup your packages, what your price should be, and how to charge either hourly or monthly.

Simply enter your expenses and desired work hours, build out your services, and it'll do the rest for you - so that you no longer have to guess whether what you're charging is actually profitable and can confidently build your business.


Social Media Management Profitable Pricing Calculator created for Freelance & Self-Employed Social Media Managers who want to easily know what to charge for their services. Quickly create custom monthly retainer packages for your clients with this plug-n-play calculator from Sugarpunch Marketing.

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