Social Media Case Study Template for Social Media Managers


Customizable Canva templates for your Social Media Management Case Studies! Includes a 9 page guide with plug-n-play copywriting samples so that you can easily pull together your case studies without having to spend hours thinking of the perfect way to describe your successful social media campaign results.

What You Get:

  • 8 page Social Media Management Case Study
  • 3 distinct design styles that are easy to customize to fit your unique needs
  • Includes pages for a cover, business introduction, and a pitch page (plus script.)
  • 100 proven copy ideas for 7 categories so you know exactly how to word your client niche, client goals, goal descriptions, services provided, key metrics, and your call to actions.
  • 4 customizable design options for your results pages
  • 2 customizable design options for your pitch page
  • Video tutorial that walks you through how to utilize the wording guide, access the templates in your own Canva account, and gives you extra case study tips along the way
Social Media Case Study Template created for Social Media Managers & Digital Marketers who use data-driven campaigns and conversions. Easily communicate the results of your services and attract more clients with this customizable Canva Template from Sugarpunch Marketing.
You need a case study if...

  • You've ever been asked to share actual accounts that you've worked on but are unable to due to client confidentiality.
  • You find yourself spending a lot of time justifying your pricing and defending your expertise.
  • You want a simple way to present definitive proof that your data-driven social media management strategies are effective.

A well put-together social media case study can be the difference between booking an excited new social media management client vs losing out on a hestitant lead. Not only do they present your results in an easily digestible format for non-marketers - but they also are great for highlighting your skillset in a tangible way.

This pre-designed template comes with a 9 page PDF that not only includes a step-by-step video walkthrough of how to customize the templates, but it also provides 100 proven copy ideas so that you'll know exactly how to professionally communicate your results to impress your new clients.

With these templates, simply select which design style you prefer, add in your own images, colors, and fonts (if you choose - or you can keep them as is!), plug in your copy - and you're done!


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