All-In-One Social Media Management Client & Team Workspace (ClickUp Folder Template)

Completely customizable ClickUp templates for an advanced branded experience! Whether you're a freelancer, self-employed or want to use this for your agency, this template includes everything you need to use ClickUp successfully for social media management with one space folder and 2 list templates.
All-In-One Social Media Management Client Hub for Social Media Managers who want an advanced and simplified hub for themselves and their clients.
  • Client-Facing Workspace that you will invite your clients to so that you can deliver a seamless experience for them using an all-in-one software for client onboarding, plan upcoming content for all platforms, submit content for client feedback & approval, set deadlines and automated reminders, have a chat space (to replace slack), and a built-in content calendar that shows the status of each post - whether it's ready for review, a revision is requested, under revision, approved or scheduled.
  • Team-Facing Workspace that only you (and your team, if you have one!) can see where you can store client-specific resources for easy access and organize and manage your team's recurring tasks whether they're monthly (like results reporting & invoicing & meeting scheduling), weekly (like content submission) or daily (like engagement or inbox management.)
  • 3 distinct design styles that are easy to customize to fit your unique needs
  • Customization Tutorial so that you know exactly how to update the template to fit your style, needs, workflow and processes (plus get some extra tips and tricks about how Shanté personally uses these templates in her agency!)
This ClickUp Template is for you if...
  • You're ready to move away from cobbling together your different software like Voxer, Slack, Google Sheets, or Email and into an organized all-in-one workspace.
  • You're struggling with keeping track of deadlines, feedback, and content calendars and are ready for proven systems and automations.
  • You want something completely customizable to meet your unique workflow and style that presents an elevated client experience.

With this advanced client hub, your clients will be able to access everything they need from you (and that you need from them) all in one place!

Whether you're onboarding clients and need their login information, are planning content, or submitting content for feedback - you can use this all-in-one workspace to organize, plan, and create. 

This template allows you to set post dates, deadline due dates, assign tasks to clients, create automated reminders (especially helpful for client deadlines), plus customize the way that your content is presented to clients with:
  • Platform Tags (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, + Add Your Own)
  • Post Status (Ready for Review, Revision Request, Under Revision, Approved, Scheduled, + Add Your Own)
  • Post Assignees with Due Dates
  • Posting Dates & Times
  • Content Type (Video, Carousel, Image, + Add Your Own)
  • Collab Handles
  • Goal (Awareness, Engagement, Authority, Call to Action, + Add Your Own)
  • Account Tags
  • Post Location
  • Action Items required for each post (ex: Upload content, finalize caption)

Not only do you receive a client-facing workspace, but you'll also get a matching team-facing workspace where your team can have easy access to client-specific resources and projects.

These templates are for advanced social media managers who are ready to stop piecing together different platforms, and have an all-in-one client experience that's streamlined and simple.

Simply select which design style you prefer, follow the included customization tutorial, and enjoy a more personalized and organized social media management experience!




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