Social Media Team Content Creation Workflow Hub (ClickUp List Template)

Completely customizable ClickUp templates for a systemized client management and team content creation workflow! Whether you're on your own and are preparing to grow or already have a team, this ClickUp Tempalte pack will allow you to provide an on-brand, automated agency experience for clients and teams.
Social Media Team Content Creation Workflow Hub for Marketers & Agencies who need a systemized approach to their content creation workflows.
  • Time-Tested Team Workflow that allows you to strategize, brainstorm, and develop content in a team-only space with content that can be moved directly to your client-facing space for client approval with just a click.
  • 3 distinct design styles that are easy to customize to fit your unique needs.
  • Customization Tutorial so that you know exactly how to update the template to fit your style, needs, workflow and processes (plus get some extra tips and tricks about how Shanté personally uses this template in her agency!)
This ClickUp Template is for you if...
  • You have multiple people working on content for multiple clients and need a collaboration-based workflow hub to facilitate it.
  • You've tried different 'team-friendly' software and still struggle with organization and communication.
  • You want a system that automatically assigns responsibilities, deadlines, and reminders so that you can focus on increasing your bottom-line rather than micro-managing your team.

As Shanté's agency has grown, she's tried multiple project organization software and didn't find one that was customizable enough for the way her team worked, so she created her own.

This template has been tried and tested and is used daily by successful agencies, whether you're a lean team of two or a robust team of 10+.

This ClickUp Template is completely customizable, with content templates for video and non-video content, easy-access to SOPs, custom fields for posts (platforms, trending audio, location tag, and more!), and automations so that your team can know exactly what needs to be done and when.

With this template, simply select which design style you prefer, follow the customization tutorial to support your unique workflow, and start experiencing the deceptively simple process that founders, teams, (and their clients) love!




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