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Ever felt lost in the sea of social media metrics, unsure which ones truly matter to your clients? You’re not alone. In this episode, I’m diving into how to create a social media report that clearly demonstrates the value of your service to the client. 

Join me as I break down the process of selecting meaningful KPIs, compiling insightful reports, and analyzing data—all without fancy tools and apps. I’ll share tips on presenting data in an accessible way, ensuring your clients can easily see the impact of your work. 

Whether you’re a seasoned social media manager or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable advice to refine your reporting skills and elevate your service. Let’s dive in and transform how you report on social media success!

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Topics covered on how to create a social media report:

  • The importance of using clear and specific KPIs
  • How to use visual charts to compare data month over month
  • How to discuss top-performing posts and the rationale behind their success
  • Why you need to simplify reports for clients

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The Social Media Manager Confidential is the podcast for social media managers who want realistic, positive, and insightful resources so they can build an ethical, money-making business that supports their lifestyle goals. Each week, your host Shanté Gorman (that’s me) and my guests will share strategies & content tips, what we do and don’t love about working in the industry, and give transparent advice about running a social media management business. We’re dishing on the ins and outs of the social media management world without any of the gatekeeping that can come along with it. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll leave each episode inspired.

I was a broke single mom turned founder of a multi 6-figure social media management agency and I mentor social media managers working on creating agencies of their own.

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How to Create a Social Media Report with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

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