Joseph Rubelli on: The Realities of Influencer Marketing and Shady Strategies [ep. 53]



December 1, 2023



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Think influencer marketing is a walk in the park? My chat with Joseph Rubelli will make you think again. In this episode, we get into the real work behind influencer marketing, from both the creators’ and the business side.

Joseph tells all about the ins and outs of influencer marketing, as a creator and as a social media manager! We talk about how to handle clients who want to try influencer marketing but don’t really understand it. We also dive into the realities of marketing from telling a story to tone of voice. Things also get juicy when we dive into the gaslighting that happens online. 

Joseph does not hold back in the must-listen episode! Ready to jump into the true world of influencer marketing? Let’s dive in!

Meet Joseph:

Joseph is a Social Media and Content Marketing Expert and the founder and CEO of Rubelli Digital. Joseph has spent his career building brands, helping businesses grow, and telling stories that resonate with audiences.

After years of working in sales, marketing, and business across Europe and EMEA in the beauty & and fashion industry for global brands like Lancer, Sephora, and LVMH Group, he decided to combine his experience in corporate with his passion for storytelling and communication.

In 2020, Joseph founded Rubelli Digital, where he brings his expertise in digital marketing and Brand Building Strategy to help business owners and service providers transform their businesses into strong digital brands.

Topics covered on the realities of influencer marketing:

  • How the color choices you make are crucial for an effective branding strategy
  • What is influencer marketing and the industry’s biggest misconception
  • What the difference is between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing
  • How to plan your influencer marketing strategy – Joseph walks us through his simple framework to help you get your client started with influencer marketing
  • When not to pitch influencer marketing as an option to your clients
  • The three most overused words in social media marketing and why you need to stop using them
  • Why you should be focusing on creating content for your business and not the platform

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More about Social Media Manager Confidential:

The Social Media Manager Confidential is the podcast for social media managers who want realistic, positive, and insightful resources so they can build an ethical, money-making business that supports their lifestyle goals. Each week, your host Shanté Gorman (that’s me) and my guests will share strategies & content tips, what we do and don’t love about working in the industry, and give transparent advice about running a social media management business. We’re dishing on the ins and outs of the social media management world without any of the gatekeeping that can come along with it. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll leave each episode inspired.

I was a broke single mom turned founder of a multi 6-figure social media management agency and I mentor social media managers working on creating agencies of their own.

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Joseph Rubelli on: The Realities of Influencer Marketing and Shady Strategies

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