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In the words of Kar, these interviews tend to focus only on the highlights of someone’s career but for her, the results she has achieved, the credibility she has been able to muster has been a huge slog from the start. Starting from scratch is not easy, not even with the experience she had before pivoting into consulting.

If you’re currently listening to this episode at a time in your life when you’re feeling inadequate or that you are doing something wrong as you compare yourself to others in the social media management industry, then this episode will not only be inspiring but enlightening. You’re not alone, these are valid feelings but Kar and I share our ways to cope with being in this industry.

Because as amazing as it is to run your own social media management agency, when you gain the success that you are striving for, it comes with a downside. In this episode, Kar and I dive deeper into the cons of the internet and what to watch out for, trends on Instagram and how to approach them, and how to push yourself outside your comfort zone to see results that will gain you followers that convert.

Meet Kar:

Kar Brulhart is a social media strategist who poured herself into creating an Instagram account where she could teach women-owned businesses everything she had learned about marketing. Kar got her start as the social media manager for the United Nations World Food Program. She’s also helped develop viral social media campaigns for Apple, Facebook and Michael Kors. 

When the pandemic layoffs caused her to lose what she thought was her dream job as head of social for a startup in NY, she pivoted to consulting, eager to teach other women business owners everything she knew about social media marketing. In less than a year, Kar grew her following organically from ZERO to 45K followers — completely organically. Through monetizing her Instagram and social media skills, she quickly began pulling in a six figure income.

Topics covered on social media marketing:

  • Kar’s experience with starting from scratch during the pandemic
  • Why she started exploring Instagram and creating reels in the first place
  • How Kar refined her content strategy to focus on Instagram growth and coaching
  • Transitioning from one on one consulting to courses and a successful membership program

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More about Social Media Manager Confidential:

The Social Media Manager Confidential is the podcast for social media managers who want realistic, positive, and insightful resources so they can build an ethical, money-making business that supports their lifestyle goals. Each week, your host Shanté Gorman (that’s me) and my guests will share strategies & content tips, what we do and don’t love about working in the industry, and give transparent advice about running a social media management business. We’re dishing on the ins and outs of the social media management world without any of the gatekeeping that can come along with it. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll leave each episode inspired. I was a broke single mom turned founder of a multi 6-figure social media management agency and I mentor social media managers working on creating agencies of their own.

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Kar Brulhart On: Starting From Scratch In Social Media Marketing

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