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With the launch of my new program, Social Media Manager Incubator, there have been a lot of questions about how the program works and what it is. So I created this bonus episode just for you to go into detail about what it is, what the courses are, its inclusions and if it’s right for you.

I’ve converted my signature mentorship program into something that’s SO much more accessible, affordable and customizable. Instead of an all-in-one program where you had to pay for EVERYTHING even if you just needed a couple of things, you can now pick and choose and only take what you need. Today, I’m breaking down the eight individual courses you can choose to build your own self-paced customized mentorship program, the done-for-you resources included in each course and the personalized support you’ll get. I’m so excited to share this with you! Let’s dive in!

Topics covered on Social Media Manager Incubator:

  • Why I made the structure change to my Social Media Manager Incubator Program Suite
  • What the new program looks like and how you can access it
  • Breaking down the details of the Launch Course in helping you build an organized and systemized social media management business
  • I walk through the Clients Course and how this will help you land high-paying clients for steady income
  • What the Packages Course includes and how it will help you know exactly what to charge and how to create social media management packages that sell
  • Learn if the Strategy Course is right for you and how to master the marketing strategies that sell on social media for your clients
  • What the Content Course includes and how you can master design, copy and video to create binge-worthy content for your clients
  • How the Analytics Course will help you analyze insights and KPI’s so you can confidently make data-driven client reports
  • A breakdown of the Portfolio Course and how you can learn to create a social media portfolio that impresses your potential clients (even if you have ZERO experience!)
  • I walk you through my FREE course, Becoming and how to decide if you actually have what it takes to be a successful freelance social media manager

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The Social Media Manager Confidential is the podcast for social media managers who want realistic, positive, and insightful resources so they can build an ethical, money-making business that supports their lifestyle goals. Each week, your host Shanté Gorman (that’s me) and my guests will share strategies & content tips, what we do and don’t love about working in the industry, and give transparent advice about running a social media management business. We’re dishing on the ins and outs of the social media management world without any of the gatekeeping that can come along with it. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll leave each episode inspired.

I was a broke single mom turned founder of a multi 6-figure social media management agency and I mentor social media managers working on creating agencies of their own.

What is the Social Media Manager Incubator?

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  1. Webtoniq says:

    Intrigued to learn about the Social Media Manager Incubator! 🌐 This blogpost provides a clear overview, sparking curiosity about the program’s offerings and benefits. As the role of a social media manager continues to evolve, having a dedicated incubator sounds like an invaluable resource for honing skills and staying ahead of trends. Excited to explore how this initiative fosters growth and excellence in the dynamic realm of social media management. Kudos to the creators for investing in the next generation of digital leaders!

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