Here’s what to expect from this episode:

This is a juicy episode not only do we dive into Alyece’s past and her whistlestop tour to becoming the successful entrepreneur she is, but learning about her why and the reason she moved from Corporate America to taking that first leap to starting a business and going out on her own.

In this episode, we chat all things setting boundaries and the healthy pushback that you need to learn as a social media manager when it comes to implementing boundaries for the first time. This episode is a goldmine, Alyece really knows her stuff and her tips on how to nab hospitality clients, how to back yourself up, when to outsource and why playing on your strengths will benefit you in the long run will empower you to make some policy and system changes in your own social media management business.

Meet Alyece:

Alyece Smith is a mompreneur of 3 and the owner of Socially Ausome. She is a certified Social Media Marketing and Branding Strategist with over five years of experience in Digital Marketing in Corporate America. She is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to implement simple social strategies into their businesses to humanize their brands. Currently active in network marketing and affiliate marketing, and as Social Media Management and Consulting agency owner, Alyece helps others elevate their online presence by making it simple, social, and ausome! She graduated from Southern Mississippi University and is a certified Customer Service Xperience Officer. 

She intentionally spelt AUSOME differently to encourage people to show up on social authentically and uniquely. Her son, Caiden is on the Autism Spectrum, and as an Autism family, they have learned to be unapologetically THEM. It was the inspiration and push she needed to start her journey in entrepreneurship.

Topics covered on how to build a social media management business:

  • Alyece’s different business ventures and her corporate to business story
  • When to outsource and how to play to your strengths
  • The ultimate Review Management tool she recommends to use with your clients
  • How to set boundaries as a new Social Media Manager
  • What Alyece leans on her team for
  • How to write emails to difficult clients with the help of AI
  • The biggest mistake Alyece made in her business at the start and what you can do to avoid it

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More about Social Media Manager Confidential:

The Social Media Manager Confidential is the podcast for social media managers who want realistic, positive, and insightful resources so they can build an ethical, money-making business that supports their lifestyle goals. Each week, your host ShantĂ© Gorman (that’s me) and my guests will share strategies & content tips, what we do and don’t love about working in the industry, and give transparent advice about running a social media management business. We’re dishing on the ins and outs of the social media management world without any of the gatekeeping that can come along with it. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll leave each episode inspired.

I was a broke single mom turned founder of a multi 6-figure social media management agency and I mentor social media managers working on creating agencies of their own.

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Successfully Leaving Your 9-5 To Build A Social Media Management Business With Alyece Smith
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